Speed Chest Rig

  • Designed as an ultralight fighting load holding 4 M4 or similar sized magazines with 3 x 3 MOLLE fields on either side for mounting Trauma Kit NOW.
  • Pistol mag pouches, utility pouches, or any other MOLLE compatible pouches.
  • 4 Speed M4 mag pouches can fit smoke grenades, flash bangs, GPS units, dressings, tourniquets, small radios, cans of dip, and similar sized rifle or SMG mags.
  • Fully adjustable can be worn over armor or under a concealment garment
  • Connecting strap in the rear acts as an emergency drag handle and has loop field for ID / IFF patches
  • Inside hook and loop fastened map/document pocket measures approx. 18×6
  • Sizes: Available in all sizes
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